15th February  2017

Zagreb, Croatia

Seven days after arriving, and after having extended my stay three times, I finally checked out of Flow Hostel, and took the train out of Budapest.  My train departed in the early afternoon, giving me time in the morning to lounge in the common area, recovering from my previous evening out drinking till late with Alan and Niamh.


I took a quick metro to the station, boarded my train in good time, found a comfortable seat by the window in the direction of travel, and fell asleep.  I was awoken at the Croatian border, when three sets of police patrols came through the cabin.  They searched every inch of it for any person or thing being smuggled across the border, and inspected every passenger's passport.  For the first time on my travels, my EU passport card wasn’t sufficient ID, and I had to go rooting through my bag for my long-form passport; much to the annoyance of the impatient police officer.


My laptop, which I had sent back home from Milan for repairs, had been fixed much sooner than I’d expected.  I’d arranged for my family to send it to my hostel in Zagreb, thinking I’d be there when it arrived.  But since I’d postponed my trip by a day to meet Alan, the laptop reached Zagreb before I did.


I got off the train in Zagreb main train station after dark, and walked through the centre of the city, looking for Hostel Bureau.  I’d forgotten to mark the hostel’s location on my map, so had to head towards the rough spot I remembered it being.  After half an hour of searching, I noticed its name on a sign pointing down an alley.  I checked in, found my laptop waiting for me in a DHL box behind reception, and headed for bed, ready to finally catch up on all the sleep I’d missed out on in Budapest.