5th August 2019

New York City, United States

Evan dropped me to the Greyhound bus station in Bangor’s outskirts, just in time for me to catch my bus to Boston.  Six hours later, I had just enough time in the Boston station to grab a snack from McDonalds, before boarding my next bus to New York.

From Boston to New York, we drove slowly through congested highways, before coming to a crawl as we entered the skyscraper-lined avenues of Manhattan.  Eva, the Austrian woman who would be hosting me for the next six weeks, met me at the station where the bus dropped me, to buy me a monthly metrocard, and take the subway with me towards Mount Vernon, far into the outskirts.

Eva, and her Belgian husband Bart, lived in a recently-purchased, four-story house in a spacious middle-class neighbourhood, that was undergoing extensive renovations.  In exchange for bed and board, my plan for the next six weeks was to help out with the renovations, lending my hand to whatever DIY project possible. For the first time since leaving Melbourne two months previously, I would be able to unpack my bags, and settle.